ELL Begin at the Beginning

Begin at the Beginning is a program designed to help parents and their children develop positive associations with learning English and going to school. Parent and teacher collaboration can build an academic foundation that will promote success throughout a child’s education.  Begin at the Beginning facilitates collaboration in a non-threatening environment that promotes pride in personal heritage. Families are given resources that can be used to promote academic success while building character.     

Mission Statement for Begin at the Beginning
The mission of the Fox C-6 Begin at the Beginning Program is to build a foundation for life-long learning, language acquisition, and character development by facilitating collaboration between parents and teachers.

Pre-K Kits
We currently offer Pre-K kits to families with children that will enter kindergarten in the fall.  The kits contain many educational items.  The kits use spoken, receptive, and written language to increase communication skills while enhancing learning ability.  Items such as flip books, flash cards, and games build self confidence while providing a foundation that will promote success later in life.  The kits also contain manipulatives, videos, and workbooks that are designed to develop English language skills while enhancing imagination and curiosity.  Students who use the kits will develop positive associations with learning English and going to school.  The kits instill an educational competency while strengthening knowledge of the core content areas.