General Information


The purpose of the C-6 Educational Foundation is to develop resources and funding for projects that enhance the educational well-being of all students in the C-6 School District. The Foundation wants to encourage, assist and support in ways beneficial to the students, faculty and administration. The Foundation will include the sponsorship of programs and special projects related to the curricula.

The Foundation has chosen to focus financial support in four areas:

  • Child Assistance
  • Classroom Grants
  • Cultural Grants
  • Endowments


Proposals submitted for funding will be considered up to $100 per request for Classroom Grants. Cultural Grants will be considered for additional funding based on program and benefit to students. Proposals may be submitted to match funds from another source. Depending upon the proposal, the amount of funds awarded will be determined by the Foundation.

Spending of Grant Funds

Recipients of grant funds will be required to submit Receipts of Purchase and include them with a final report to the Foundation.

Final Report

A final report is required of all grant fund recipients after the completion of each program. The report should contain the receipts of purchase, a brief report on the project, photos of the project and other bits of information as appropriate.

Submitting Applications

Grant Applications are to be submitted to the Foundation prior to the anticipated program. Grant funds will not be awarded unless the procedure has been followed. Directors meet monthly and review Grant requests at each meeting—plan ahead. Completed Grant Applications upon authorization are to be forwarded to the Foundation Office at the Administration Building Offices to Mr. James Berblinger, President.

Authorization of Grant Application

All applications must be approved by the principal and assistant superintendent of the school where the grant will be used. The form is attached along with the proposal guidelines.

Review and Approval

The Foundation will be the sole determinant of approved applications. The number of applications and the funds available will be factored into approval of grants.

Questions About Awarded Grants

Where does the money go after the check is written?

The check is deposited to the building revolving account.

How does the grant recipient know the money is available and how are they notified they received a grant?

They are notified that the grant was approved by Karen Wright.

Do we need receipts of purchases to be sent to us?

The receipts are submitted with a check request to reimburse the teacher if they paid the bill, or to the supplier, if they are being paid direct.

What if they do not use all the money, what is the return pathway?

The grant recipient would prepare a check request to return the excess money to the Foundation.

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