Inclusion Philosophy

The Fox C-6 School District educates all children and strives to make “Success For Every Student” and education outcome. The site-based management approach supports such a philosophy by providing building-level teams and the involvement of all school personnel—principals, counselors, regular and special education teachers, secretaries, cooks, para-professionals, custodians and bus drivers.

Professional development activities are offered to all staff regarding current issues and trends in special education, developmentally appropriate practice, alternative intervention strategies, basic compliance in terms of process and procedures and inclusion. Administrative guidelines have been developed for inclusion, as follows:

Fox C-6 School District supports the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities in their schools and communities. Each student’s educational program needs are determined on an individual, rather than a categorical basis. It is our belief that we can create success as an educational outcome within an integrated, community-based service delivery system. The continuum of services will continue to be available through self-contained, resource, itinerant, consultation, class within a class, homebound instruction and direct trans-disciplinary therapies (speech/language, occupational therapy, physical therapy).

A collaborative approach is utilized to create continual opportunities for parents, professionals and students to work, live and learn together. Training and support services for all persons involved will be provided, on an individual and collective basis. Through such interdependence, success can be defined for each student individually, and positively, according to their needs and choices.