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Image    Peer pressure to try drugs, alcohol, or tobacco doesn’t end when kids say no.  In fact, pressure can increase when “friends” try harder to make kids feel like dorks, wimps, chickens, or outcasts when they don’t go along with the crowd. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Many school districts fight student drug use by mandating drug testing for students who participate in extracurricular activities. These testing programs are expensive, and raise privacy concerns; making them very controversial. Even though the Supreme Court upheld the legality of school testing, many parents have become adversaries rather than allies in the fight to get drugs out to schools.

Kids now have a socially acceptable excuse that can stop pushy peers in their tracks. The words “my parents test me” are the equivalent of saying I’m 100% certain I’ll get caught, get in trouble, and asked where I got the stuff.

Parents can access helpful information and get testing kits for detecting drugs at no charge (limit one per family, only shipping fees apply) using electronic vouchers provided by TestMyTeen.com on our Internet site. If these kits were available in stores, parents would be risking privacy and anonymity by standing next to the neighborhood gossip at the checkout register. That’s why ordering is done online and shipping is done using non-descript packaging. On-going random testing continues to provide kids with the excuse they need and parents with the piece of mind they deserve.