Food Allergy Awareness Protocol

The Food Allergy Awareness Protocol is available as a PDF Document. (Updated 11.24.2014)


This document will provide  guidelines  for Fox C-6 parents  and school district  staff regarding food allergies  in order to develop appropriate procedures  to reduce the risk of accidental  exposure  to those foods which can be life-threatening or cause anaphylactic reactions  for students  in our buildings.

The Fox C-6 School District seeks to set age-appropriate guidelines for students and schools that minimize the risk for children with life-threatening food allergies.  These guidelines include building-based general medical emergency plans, sample

Individual Healthcare Plans for students diagnosed with a life-threatening food allergy, training of staff, availability of on-site medical equipment for quick response to life-threatening allergic reactions, and such other guidelines to allow students with life-threatening allergies to participate fully in school activities.

It is the expectation that specific building-based guidelines/actions will take into account the health needs and well-being of all children without discrimination or isolation of any child. Open and informative communication is necessary for the creation of an environment with reduced risks for all students and their families. Recognizing that it is not possible to eliminate all possible exposures, these guidelines also encourage age-appropriate student education and self-advocacy.  In order to assist children with severe allergies to assume more individual responsibility for maintaining their safety, responsibility for implementing plans may shift as children  advance through the elementary grades and through secondary school.



purpose  of these guidelines  is to minimize  the risk of exposure  to food allergens  that  pose a threat  to Fox C-6 School District  students; to educate school staff about their  responsibilities in the event of an allergic  reaction; and to educate the school community about  life-threatening food allergies.   Each Fox C-6 School District  school will:

 1. Maintain a building-based general Medical Emergency  Plan that  includes a

Life-Threatening Allergy  Medical Emergency Plan.

2.  Develop and implement an Individual Heaithcare  Pian (IHP) for students  with

severe allergies, based on medical documentation as appropriate for individual student  needs and circumstances  and consistent  with applicable law.

3.  Implement annual life-threatening allergy  and epinephrine auto-injector

training for appropriate staff.

4.  Monitor the use of food during  the school day, as appropriate at the

individual school building level based on student  needs.

The full Food Allergy Awareness Protocol can be accessed by clicking here.

Final  Note

It is impossible to create a peanut-free or allergen-free environment. To create the illusion that the school environment is free of allergens would be misleading and potentially harmful. Instead, this protocol has been designed to increase awareness and communication, to prevent possible exposure to identified allergens, and to create an emergency procedure for allergic reactions.


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