BOE Recap May 19, 2020

Board of Education Meeting Recap

May 19, 2020

To watch the archived live stream of the May 19, 2020 Board of Education meeting on YouTube, click here.

Special Announcements

Dr. Nisha Patel introduced the 2019-2020 Fox C-6 District Teacher of the Year to the Board of Education. Jason Bahr is a fourth grade teacher at Meramec Heights Elementary. 

Dr. Patel formally introduced two new elementary assistant principals:

  • Ms. Lisa Hazard: Assistant Principal at Simpson Elementary

  • Mr. Paul Tramal: Assistant Principal at Sherwood Elementary

Board Presentations

Curriculum Advisory Committee

Declan FitzPatrick, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, provided an update about our most recent Curriculum Advisory meeting. Curriculum Advisory is the opportunity for community members to provide input about our curriculum and resources. Each time they meet, three times a year, we provide an update with their feedback to the Board of Education. Click here for the full report.

Board Approvals

Donations to the School District

The Board of Education voted to approve the acceptance of three donations to the Fox School District. $1,000 was donated to the School District by the Roy and Betty Wilde Foundation. 50 $25 Schnucks gift cards totaling $1,250 were donated to Mc Kinney-Vento Families by AXEL transportation. $500 was donated to Meramec Heights Elementary by the Feed It Forward program to pay off student meal debt. Click here for the full approval. 


Curriculum Adoptions

The BOE unanimously voted to approve curriculum documents for the following content areas: K-5 science revisions, 6-12 ELA, 6-11 math, 6-11 science, 6-11 social studies. Click here for the full approval. 

Board Policy Adoption/Revision 

The Board of Education voted to accept 22 board policy revisions for a first reading. These policy revisions will be reviewed and voted on for adoption at the June 16, 2020 Board of Education meeting.  Click here for the full approval.