9-12 Grade Program

2019 Summer School

Grades 9 - 12
June 3 - June 28, 2019
Seckman High School
Monday - Friday
AM Session: 8:00 - 11:15 AM
PM Session: 11:45 AM - 3:00 PM

Principal: Dr. Dan Winkeler

2018 High School Summer School

2018 High School Summer School Info


Traditional Summer School

  • Dates will be May 29th thru June 25th.  The AM session is from 8-11:15 am. The PM session is from 11:45 AM- 3:00 PM.  It will take place at Seckman High School.

  • In “traditional” summer school, students have to attend 19 of the 20 days.

  • A student can take two total classes in the summer.  

  • Any core class (math, science, social studies, language arts) can only be taken if the student previously took the class and failed it.  For example- a student can’t take the class if they previously got a D but wanted to improve the grade.

  • The electives that are available for traditional summer school are PE, Extreme Fitness and Health.  Any student can take those classes.

  • For students who want to take both the AM and PM session, they would then report to the cafeteria for lunch from 11:15-11:45.




ACT Ready

  • ACT Ready is a “boot-camp” version of the ACT Prep Class that is offered during the school year.

  • This course, which will be worth ¼ credit, is a terrific way to get prepared for the June 9th ACT test.

  • ACT Ready will take place the first ten days of summer school- from May 29th thru June 11th from 8-11:15 am.



Virtual Summer School

  • Virtual Summer School is when a student takes a course online and has minimal in-person requirements.  In order to take a virtual class, the student would need to have computer/internet access away from school.

  • With virtual classes, students complete much of the work at their own pace.  For example- they aren’t required to be in front of a computer at a designated time.  While they will have various due dates for assignments, students can work on these classes during the times they choose.  Whether they decide to work on it on a Tuesday at 8 am or a Thursday at 9 pm, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the workload.

  • These virtual classes go over the same material that you would in a regular class setting.

  • All virtual teachers will have designated “virtual office hours”.  During these times, the teacher will be in front of their computer and can answer any questions immediately that a student will have.  

  • The main form of communication for virtual classes is e-mail.  Teachers will respond to students in a timely manner to answer any questions they have.



Virtual Classes Offered- the following are classes that any student can take:

  • PE (Required Class)

  • Health (Required Class)

  • Fundamentals of Music (Fine Art)

  • Art Appreciation (Fine Art)

  • Personal Finance (Required Class)

  • Career Exploration and Entrepreneurship (Practical Art)

  • Child Development (Practical Art)



Virtual Classes Offered for Credit Recovery- the following are classes that a student can take only if they previously have taken it during the school year and failed it:

  • American Government

  • American History

  • Language Arts II

  • Language Arts III



There are many advantages of taking a Virtual Class in summer school.  They include:

  • College Preparation- Odds are, students will be taking one in college.  This is a chance to get a head-start and be prepared for it.

  • Schedule Flexibility- By taking some virtual elective classes, this opens up a lot of flexibility for the student during the regular school year.

    • Band/Choir- Students who participate in band/choir will have no issues in their schedule if they get some of the other electives out of the way during the summer.

    • AP/ Advanced Classes- Students who plan on taking AP or advanced classes in high school open up slots in their schedule to do that.  In addition, for a student who plans on having a tough course load their junior and senior year, by completing these electives their first two summers, it could open up the possibility of having a Study Hall or Zone class built in their day.

    • Athletic PE- Student-athletes who want to take athletic PE so they can lift weights during the school day can now do this for potentially eight semesters by doing these virtual classes in the summer.

  • Convenience- We realize that many students have logistical issues in making it to summer school for 20 straight school days.  Whether it’s family vacation, working a summer job, or transportation issues (high school summer school doesn’t provide bus transportation), taking a virtual class will allow a student to balance those other activities but still provide the opportunity to complete a class or two during the summer.



Example of Summer School Sequence and what it could lead to:

  • Summer before 9th grade year- Student takes PE and Health

  • Summer before 10th grade year- Student takes Personal Finance and a Practical or Fine Art or another PE

  • Summer before 11th grade year- Student takes a Practical or Fine Art






Questions contact: Dustin Brown at browndu@foxc6.org or Kevin Griffin at griffink@foxc6.org


Registration takes place online and will start March 28th
Virtual Information Meetings will take place on the following:
Wednesday May 2nd from 5:30-6:30 pm at the Seckman High Library
Tuesday May 15th from 5:30-6:30 pm at the Fox High Media Center
Wednesday May 30th from 9 am- 10 am at the Seckman High Cafeteria