Parent and Student Guidelines


Parent and Student Guidelines 


Because virtual instruction can be an effective education option for some students, the district offers virtual courses to students through district staff or by contracting for those services as part of the district-sponsored curriculum. In addition, eligible students may enroll in virtual courses offered through the Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP). The district will accept all grades and credits earned through district-sponsored virtual instruction and MOCAP.


Enrollment into virtual courses must be done within the first 10 days of the start of each semester. Students who have special circumstances that require them to enroll in virtual courses outside these 10 days will need to meet with their grade-level counselor and principal on an individual basis. Students interested in enrolling in virtual courses need to have been enrolled full-time and attended a public school or charter school, for at least one semester immediately prior to enrolling in the virtual school program.

If a student is enrolled in any version of virtual coursework from a previous semester and Fox School District has not received a passing final transfer grade from that course, the student will not be allowed to enroll in additional virtual courses.

Full-Time Students

Fox School District defines a full-time student as a student that is enrolled in 3.5 credit-bearing (or the equivalent at middle school) per semester. The district is not required to provide students access to or pay for courses beyond the equivalent of full-time enrollment. The district will provide supervision for students who take virtual courses in district facilities but will not provide supervision for students taking virtual courses offsite.

Virtual Education Fees

The district will pay the costs of a virtual course only if the district has first approved the student's enrollment in the course as described in this policy. Even if a student or his or her parents/guardians pay the costs for a virtual course, the student or parents/guardians should meet with the principal or designee prior to enrollment to ensure that the course is consistent with the student's academic and personal goals. A student will only be allowed to enroll in a maximum of 3.5 credit-bearing classes per semester.

For all classes that meet the requirement of a full-time student, Fox School District will absorb the cost of the tuition and items needed to enroll in the class. If a student loses or damages any course materials provided for a virtual education course, the student will be responsible for any fees associated with that material. Unpaid fees will be added to a student's senior debt that must be paid prior to graduation. 

Questions about Coursework

Students that are enrolled in a virtual course that have questions or concerns about the class or class coursework must contact the virtual teacher for the class enrolled. Fox School District will refer all questions regarding online courses to the teacher or online course vendor.


If a student has a class that has been recorded on their high school transcript and has received a letter grade of A, B, C, or D, they will not be allowed to take that class again at Fox School District’s expense.

All virtual classes will be transcripted as a letter grade.

Students taking courses virtually are subject to district policies, procedures and rules applicable to students enrolled in traditional courses including, but not limited to, the district's discipline code and prohibitions on academic dishonesty, discrimination, harassment, bullying and cyberbullying.

Dropping Virtual Courses

If a student is enrolled in a Fox School District virtual course and decides that program is no longer the best academic program for them, they will be able to move to a seated class with a transfer grade from the virtual course. The seated class will be determined by availability.

  • If the change takes place after the first progress report of the semester, and the student is enrolled in a class that is not offered within the Fox School District, they will be placed in an academic lab/advisory and will forfeit that credit.   

  • In order to be eligible for MSHSAA sports/activities; a student must be enrolled in 3.0 credits (six 0.5 credit classes per semester).

MSHSAA Sports/Activities 

If a student is planning or will be participating in a MSHSAA sport/activity, the student must be enrolled in at least 2 credit hours or 2 classes within the brick and mortar school. Second-semester freshmen through seniors must pass 6 classes the previous semester in order to be eligible to participate in athletics. One unit of credit from Summer School may count toward maintaining eligibility as long as the courses taken count toward meeting graduation requirements. MSHSAA bylaw 213.0 


State Assessments

Secondary students taking the following courses online will be required to complete required state and local assessments on the scheduled dates:

  • Algebra I - Algebra I End of Course (EOC)

  • Biology I - Biology I End of Course (EOC)

  • English II - English II End of Course (EOC)

  • Government -  Government End of Course (EOC); Constitution Test (offered on campus)

  • American History - Civics Test (offered on campus)

Elementary and middle school students enrolled in online classes will be required to complete the required grade level local and state assessments.

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