Summer School Registration

Summer School Registration
Posted on 03/27/2019
Summer School registration now open
Fox C-6 offers fun and comprehensive Summer School for all K-12 students. Summer School is free to all and can help bridge the gap between school years for learners of all ages, as well as provide high school students with an opportunity to earn credits toward graduation. The program places students based on their grade level for next fall, not their current grade level.

2019 Open House

Open House for grades K-8 will take place on WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2019. It is important for parents to attend open house to fill out the authorized parent pick-up form. Open house will take place at your Summer School site from 5:00-7:00PM.

The K-8 program will provide fun learning opportunities that encourage the District's mission of creating life-long learners. Please note that although an incentive program is in place this year, it will not include monetary gift cards for students. 

The K-8 program offers a fun and engaging way for students to continue learning throughout the summer. For more information on the K-8 program, please CLICK HERE

The 9-12 program offers in-person and virtual study options for students who wish to earn credit over the summer. For more information regarding the 9-12 grade program, please CLICK HERE

For any specific questions about Summer School, please call us at 636-282-6975.