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Prop S Property Tax Calculator
Posted on 03/06/2019
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What would Prop S mean for my property taxes?

Property taxes are based on assessed value. You can learn the assessed value of your home by visiting the Jefferson County Assessor's website at and entering your address. Then plug the assessed value into our calculator on the Fox C-6 Prop S website to learn the exact​ impact of Prop S!

Visit and follow the directions below to learn the impact of Prop S on your property taxes.


To determine just how much your tax bill will increase, follow these directions:

  • visit the Jefferson County Assessor's website: Jefferson County Assessor
  • click on "Real Estate Search" search for your property click on your property
  • look for your "assessed value"

In the Property Tax Calculator form, enter your "Assessed Value." This is NOT how much you think your house is worth. If you enter appraised or sale values, you will greatly overestimate your taxes. The Assessed Value number comes directly from the Jefferson County Assessor's website and will give you an accurate estimate of how passage of Prop F will impact your property tax bill.