2019 Winter Weather Tips

Posted on 01/28/2019

With winter weather continuing throughout the month and wind chills expected to be incredibly low tomorrow morning, we wanted to re-share the following general safety tips regarding cold and winter weather. For more information, please visit the safety portion of our website at www.fox.k12.mo.us.

  • Dress in multiple layers to play outside, including extra layers for legs, feet and hands.

  • Always wear hats and gloves when outdoors in cold weather; the biggest proportions of body heat are lost through the head and hands.

  • Limit the amount of time spent outdoors to safe intervals and come inside periodically to warm up

  • Remove all wet clothing immediately and change to dry clothes if going back outdoors.

  • Wear sunscreen on all exposed skin to guard against burns from bright sunlight and snow glare.

  • Wear brightly colored outer clothing that is easily seen from a distance.

  • Keep roofs, gutters and awnings free from snow and icicle buildup that could collapse and injure a child. Similarly, do not pull icicles from the roof.

  • Regularly de-ice or sand sidewalks, driveways, patios and other areas where children may play.

For younger children, please also keep the following in mind:

  • Do not permit children to play outdoors in poor weather such as snow storms, extreme cold or high winds.

  • Do not dress children in winter wear with drawstrings - they can cut off circulation and make frostbite a greater threat, and loose drawstrings may present a strangulation hazard.

  • Teach children to avoid playing near snowplow areas.

  • Do not permit children to dig snow tunnels or forts that may collapse and bury them.

  • Avoid snowball fights that can lead to injuries from dangerous projectiles.

  • Teach children never to touch or lick exposed metal (fences, flagpoles, etc.) in winter.

If you need any help looking for warm clothing or other winter-related resources, please visit the Community Resources section of our website.

Thank you and please stay warm!