Bring Your Own Chromebook

Bring Your Own Chromebook
Posted on 11/27/2018

As the holiday season approaches, parents ask about the best technology to purchase for their children that they can use both at home and at school. Families want to know that what they provide will work at school and for homework. The Fox C-6 School District recommends purchasing a Chromebook for these uses.

This school year, Fox School District started a Bring Your Own Chromebook (BYOCB) program for students in grades 3 - 12. This program gives students the opportunity to utilize their own devices during school hours for classwork instead of relying solely on district-provided Chromebooks. Students who participate in the BYOCB program will be able to use their own devices whenever other students are using district-provided devices and will have access to the same educational resources at home.

Through input collected in the Fox Focus, the District’s comprehensive school improvement plan, both the District and individual schools have been purchasing Chromebooks to provide students with access to digital textbooks along with other electronic curriculum resources. This access to technology gives students the ability to create content, think critically, and communicate using digital tools. Our goal is for the District to provide ONE Chromebook for every TWO students in each school, in addition to BYOCB devices. We continue to budget for and purchase new Chromebooks each year to achieve and maintain this level of access to technology. If you choose to provide a Chromebook for your child, he or she will be able to bring it to school and use it on a regular basis for classroom activities. You can learn more about Chromebooks and the District's Bring Your Own Chromebook initiative here.