Tyler SISK12 Overview

Below is some basic information about Tyler SISK12 - our Student Information system. This does not apply to SISFin, the Finance system also from Tyler.

This system is entirely web-based. It can be accessed anywhere the Internet is available. There is no software that needs to be installed. All you need is an internet browser and Adobe Reader (for viewing reports). District computers will already have the necessary programs installed. Adobe Reader is easily installed if necessary anywhere else.

There are two copies of SISK12 that are available for use: the LIVE instance and the TRAINING instance.

The LIVE version of the web site (http://portal.fox.k12.mo.us/fo) is for real data. IT IS NOT FOR PRACTICE! Anything that changes there will change for real. Once school has started, this is where appropriate staff will go to take attendance, enter grades, register and enroll students, schedule classes, mark discipline and anything else related to how that staff member interacts with students.

The TRAINING version of the web site (http://portal.fox.k12.mo.us/fotrain) is our testing ground. Every weekend a copy of our Live data is loaded into the Training instance for testing or practice. Anything you do in the Training instance will be replaced at the end of the week with whatever exists in Live, so feel free to play around.

You can use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your internet browser. Otherwise, the main sign-in page will inform you that “WARNING: Your browser is not supported.”

User Names follow this pattern: First Initial + Birth Month + Birth Day + Last Name. Example: the user name for John Anderson (born on June 14th) is J0614Anderson.

If you have never signed in to the Live instance, the password field should be left BLANK. The system will prompt you to enter a password of your choosing.

Since the Training instance is just a copy of the Live instance, the password you have chosen in Live will be the same in Training once the weekly load from Live has been performed. Until then the same rule applies about using a blank password.