Parent FAQ

Peachjar FAQ

What is Peachjar?

Peachjar is a digital flyer platform that allows parents easy access to information about school and community events without having to dig through backpacks or fill out paper forms.

When will the District begin using Peachjar?

April 28, 2017

Do I need to do anything to sign-up in order to use Peachjar?

No, you will receive an email with information once Peachjar is available for parents.

Do I need to use a login in order to see flyers?

No, while you can use your login information to change email preferences, you can access your school’s Peachjar flyers at any time by clicking on the Peachjar icon on the school website.

What if I don’t have internet access at home?

Peachjar flyers are available in your inbox and on school websites so you can look at them any time you’re able to access internet. Additionally, building principals will have the discretion to still print flyers for important events happening in their community.

What are the benefits of using Peachjar?

  • Flyers come direct to your inbox- no more hoping they come home in a backpack!

  • One click in email to 'Sign Up' for programs & events.

  • Programs sent via Peachjar help build lifelong skills and provide more information about community events.

  • Share program flyers via social media so your child's friends can participate!

  • Cost-savings to the district.

  • Reduces burden on staff to print, copy, and distribute flyers.

How does it work?

For those whose school uses Peachjar, you never have to log in, but you can to manage your account preferences. Login information is sent to you when your school starts using Peachjar.

You will regularly receive emails with the latest flyers. Flyers can also be viewed on the homepage of your school's website. Simply look for the Peachjar logo!

My school uses Peachjar, but I don’t have a login. How can I get one?

If your school is using Peachjar, but you aren't receiving emails, simply create an account.

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