Character Kids Club

Registration for the October 25 and 26 CKC full day programs is closed.

CKC Full Day Programming:

CKC Full Day Programming for November 6: the link to register is:

The agendas for both days: Oct 25 & 26 CKC Full Day agendas.pdf
The agenda for Nov. 6: Nov 6 Full Day Agenda.pdf
Please review this attachment for registration info: CKC FUll Day letter and information.pdf


Time: 6:00am-6:15pm
Max. Capacity: 65 students per location
Locations: Rockport or Sherwood (Except over holiday break, then Sherwood ONLY)
CKC Students only. (non-refundable) $35.00 per child (multi-child discounts apply)Pre-registration required. No walk-ins the day of service permitted.

Registrations will be in an on-line Google Form format this year. Children will need a sack lunch and a morning snack. An afternoon snack will be provided.

Rockport or Sherwood: October 25. Registration period: Sept. 19- October 15

Rockport or Sherwood: October 26. Registration period: Sept. 19-October 15

Rockport or Sherwood: November 6. Registration period: Oct. 1- October 22

Registration period: Nov. 5-December 3 for the following:

Sherwood ONLY: December 26

Sherwood ONLY: December 27

Sherwood ONLY: December 28

Sherwood ONLY: January 2

Sherwood ONLY: January 3

Sherwood ONLY: January 4

MINI ART CAMP: ROCKPORT ONLY: 12/26-12/28 (3 DAYS): ART CAMP Flyer (2).pdf
MINI COOKING CAMP: ROCKPORT ONLY: 12/26-12/28 (3 DAYS): cooking camp fler.pdf
MINI SCIENCE CAMP: ROCKPORT ONLY: 1/2-1/4 (3 DAYS): Science Camp flyer.pdf

Rockport or Sherwood: March 21. Registration period: Feb. 19-March 11

Rockport or Sherwood: March 22. Registration period: Feb. 19-March 11

Rockport or Sherwood: April 2. Registration period: March 1- March 25

CKC School Year 2018-2019 Family Handbook.pdf
2018-2019 CKC school year registration form.pdf

Please search and ask to join our CKC/COMMUNITY OUTREACH group on Facebook, this to will provide you with information.

Director: Sue Belleville:
CKC Registrar: Crystal Worth:
Secretary: Donna Schneider:

Main Office:
Donna Schneider (Secretary): 636-282-6915
Crystal Worth (Registrar): 636-282-6915
Sue Belleville (Director): 314-732-6216

WELCOME! Character Kid's Club is more than just a before/after school program for Fox C-6's a community of learners! If you're new to the District or just want to learn more about our program, check out our Frequently Asked Questions Below:

Find us on Facebook! Ask to join our group to stay updated on information related to CKC and its programs.

CKC Supervisors and contact information:

Antonia CKC: Nicole Wake/ 636-489-9079/
Fox CKC: Lex Patton/ 636-524-5855/
Guffey CKC: Katie Duren/ / 314-610-9541
Hamrick CKC: Barb Bartholome/ 314-780-6349/ 
Hodge CKC: Monica Wille/ / 314-437-7381
Lonedell CKC: Jackie Wenzelburger/
Meramec CKC: Layton Mosley/ / 314-420-1053
Rockport CKC:  Paige Smith/ / 636-357-4412
Seckman CKC: Nina Eirvin/ / 314-686-3280
Sherwood CKC: Breanna Harrision/ / 314-587-0959
Simpson CKC: Theresa Tack/ / 314-637-7502


Nov 2:  Kids Night Out-Fox C-6 Service Center 6:30pm-9:00pm
Rec. Soccer: Lonedell (11/12-12/17)
                            Meramec (11/13-12/18)
                            Rockport (11/14-12/19)
Video Production (Captured Moments)
Simpson (11/12-12/17)
Guffey (11/13-12/18)
Mad Science: Locations during (11/5-12/19) timeframe include:
Antonia, Hamrick, Hodge, Rockport, Seckman, Sherwood, and Simpson