ELL Family Engagement

The Fox C-6  ELL Family Engagement Program provides opportunities for parents and families to actively participate in school.  The program also facilitates opportunities for families to collaborate with members of the educational community.  Events are scheduled to give families the opportunity to meet with ELL teachers.  Events such as open houses also provide great opportunities to meet more families.  Surveys are used to help promote collaboration between families and members of the Fox C-6 community.

 Parent Involvement

The Fox C-6 ELL Family Engagement Program has many resources to help students succeed.  

Summer Bridge Books

The Fox C-6 Building Bridges Program is now offering Summer Bridge Activities. The summer between grade levels can be a time of discovery and anticipation as parents and teachers work together to create a path that will guide children on their journey toward academic success.  Summer Bridge Activities. are designed to review the skills that your child mastered in the current grade level, preview the skills that he or she will learn in the upcoming grade level, and help prevent summer learning loss.  Summer Bridge Activities. can help you to fill the summer months with learning experiences that will deepen and enrich your child’s knowledge.  The three sections in the workbooks correspond to the three months of traditional summer vacation.  Your involvement outside of the classroom is crucial to your child’s academic success. 

Pre-K Kits
We currently offer Pre-K kits to families with children that will enter kindergarten in the fall.  The kits contain many educational items.  The kits use spoken, receptive, and written language to increase communication skills while enhancing learning ability.  Items such as flip books, flash cards, and games build self confidence while providing a foundation that will promote success later in life.  The kits also contain manipulatives, videos, and workbooks that are designed to develop English language skills while enhancing imagination and curiosity.  Students who use the kits will develop positive associations with learning English and going to school.  The kits instill an educational competency while strengthening knowledge of the core content areas.

Bilingual Book Program

Research continues to support home languages as essential elements that support academic success for students.  Bilingual books help to build a bridge between students’ home languages and the languages spoken in the school setting. Parents can use bilingual books to encourage their children to speak their native languages while fostering cultural appreciation.  Bilingual books can also help the students to develop an appreciation for their home languages.  The Fox C-6 Bilingual Book Program gives parents the opportunity to read books at home with their children in their native languages.  Parents who are interested in reading at home with their children can contact their child’s ELL teacher.  Books will be sent home via backpack mail. 

The Bilingual Book Program offers books in many languages. We currently have Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Turkish, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Hindi, Farsi, Italian, Lao, and Bosnian books. If your language is not represented in our library, please let us know. We would be happy to locate books in your home language. 

The ELL Family Engagement Program also facilitates parent involvement in school organizations and volunteer opportunities.