Elementary Pathway Awards-Coming Soon

Fox C-6 Elementary School Pathway Awards

The intent of the Fox C-6 Elementary Pathway Awards is to encourage students along the path of bilingualism, biliteracy and proficiency in the English Language.  The Fox C-6 School District offers two Elementary Pathway awards: The Bilingual Participation Award and the English Language Proficiency Award. These awards are available to English Language Learners acquiring English and maintaining the languages used at home.

Bilingual Participation Award:
The purpose of this award is to encourage students to recognize the value of bilingualism, affirm the value of diversity, prepare students with 21st century skills, and honor the multiple cultures and languages in the community.  We would like to honor students who have demonstrated a commitment to becoming bilingual and help them on their path to becoming biliterate. The Fox C-6 School District recognizes that bilingualism is an asset and our students should be encouraged to acquire languages in our ever-changing world. In achieving this recognition, it is our hope that our students will develop an understanding of the opportunities that bilingualism affords them.  We would also like to acknowledge all the parents and guardians who work hard to make sure their students acquire and maintain these languages. In a world in which the boundaries of our global community are ever expanding, Fox C-6 would like to take this time to celebrate and honor the members of our community who have made a commitment to help these students stay on a path to becoming bilingual and biliterate. 

The Bilingual Participation Award is for students who are not actually in a dual language or bilingual program and is for attainment of specified levels of progress in two or more languages. To qualify for the Bilingual Participation Award, K-5th grade students must successfully complete 4 or more activities on the Pathways to Bilingual game board.

The criteria might include:

Attainment of age-appropriate skills (e.g. naming colors and numbers)
Age appropriate oral/listening skills (e.g. retelling of stories, nursery rhymes, or singing songs )
Documentation of active use of two languages (e.g. use of greetings and salutations with various members of the
Positive attitudes towards bilingualism and understanding that bilingualism has benefits (e.g. asking important
questions and identification of  essential symbols throughout the community) 

The English Language Proficiency Award
It is for students in the English Language Learner Program who have acquired English language proficiency.  The award will be given out when the criteria are met. 

The criteria might include:
The student scores an overall proficiency level of  4.7 or  higher on the ACCESS for ELLs ELP Assessment
The student scores an overall proficiency level below 4.7 but has evidence collected in a portfolio to support proficiency.