ELL Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

        Welcome to the Fox C-6 School District’s ELL Program.  It is our pleasure to work with your child.  Your child has many things to learn about at our school.  We can’t wait to learn more about your child!   

      The Fox C-6 School District uses many different materials as well as various forms of technology.  Our curriculum can be very overwhelming for our English Language Learners. It would be very helpful if you could explain the standards and concepts to your child in your language.Your child’s ELL teacher will also work with him/her to increase content language and skill development. 

    It is extremely easy for members of the Fox C-6 community to stay informed.  Our website contains important information about our individual schools.  By accessing our website you can view school calendars as well as information about recent events. This site is also updated with school closings that are a result of inclement weather. 

As parents you are important members of our school community.  We appreciate your expertise and interest.  We encourage all of our parents to visit our schools and to actively participate in school activities.  Thank you for your support!