English Language Learners (ELL)

Like many other districts in our area, our English Language Learner population at the Fox C-6 School District is growing. As our population becomes more  linguistically diverse, we continue to provide excellent services to our students and their families. We continue to challenge our learners by providing  academically rigorous instruction.  At Fox C-6 we encourage our students to understand and value diversity.   We also honor the multiple cultures and languages that are represented in our community.  

District ELL Team:

Jaime Cavato -Director of Federal Programs & Human Resources
Laura Flannery-Seckman Elementary, Antonia Elementary, and Hodge Elementary School-Department Lead
Marya Leaich-Antonia Middle School, Meramec Heights Elementary, Ridgewood Middle School, and Clyde Hamrick Elementary  
Carolyn Mitchell-Guffey Elementary  
Mary Ann Woods-Sherwood Elementary, Simpson Elementary, and Lone Dell Elementary 
Amela Omeragic-Fox Elementary and Rockport Heights Elementary
Allen Wilson-Seckman Middle School, Fox High School, Fox Middle School and Seckman High School 

Fox C-6 ELL Resources