Acceptable Internet, Email, and Computer Use Policy

Specific access may vary but each of the above is a privilege available to students and staff in the Fox C-6 School District through Fox C-6, and MORENet, a state-funded educational Internet access provider. The goal of the Fox C-6 School District in providing Internet, E-mail and computer access to students and staff is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, research, innovation, and communication. Students are considered minors so we target our efforts for minors.

Along with national and international access to computers, people, and information that is valuable to the education process comes the availability of material that is not considered of educational value and is offensive to individuals in a school setting. Fox C-6 School District "attempts" to take precautions to restrict access to inappropriate materials by teaching students and staff responsible Internet use, and through the utilization of "filtering" software to block student and staff access to inappropriate materials. Participating in hacking, cyber-bullying, downloading video and music files, chat rooms, (free e-mail for students and instant message services) and giving out personal information is construed as inappropriate behavior.

Use of the Fox C-6 School District Internet connection is an educational privilege. Inappropriate use of computers, software, E-mail or the Internet connection will result in cancellation of those privileges. Before being allowed to access the Internet, or E-mail, or use computers, students and staff will review and sign the Acceptable Internet, E-mail and Computer Use Policy. Attempting to view pornography or any inappropriate use of the Internet or computers may result in disciplinary actions for students and staff. Internet access and E-mail is not provided for selling and buying personal items.

All of the above activities may be monitored. A log of activity is created that tracks usage.

Download the Acceptable Use Form

Signed copies are required before any Internet/Computer Use is allowed. Copies are to be kept on file at each schools office.

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