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Our path as a school district is built on a solid foundation of BELIEF.  

We believe in our staff and our community, and we have an unwavering faith in our future because of our belief in our students. We acknowledge that through our hallways walk some of the finest students in the nation.  They are more than students; they are our MASTERPIECES - created by a dedication of love, service, and care.  

At Fox C-6, we value hard work and the characteristics of what defines GRIT… true grit. We believe in working hard for our students and families because through this work, like no other, we can change the world.  We believe in instilling this grit in each one of our students.  

Our belief takes us down the pathway of continued progress while at the same time securing a successful future.

To fully realize a successful future, we must accomplish our goals through passion for our craft and recognizing that the LOVE for our students, each other, and our community is priceless.  

We must recognize that our jobs are a calling, and despite all distractions, our role is one of SERVICE.  

Finally, we must CARE more today than we did yesterday.

Our destiny is in our hands, driven by our commitment to believing in ourselves and each other because our path as a school district is built on the solid foundation of BELIEF.

The Fox C-6 school district is composed of two high schools, four middle schools, eleven elementary schools, and one early childhood center. Supporting these schools are numerous departments and programs designed to encourage student achievement, character, and excellence.

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The mission of the Fox C-6 School District is to motivate and inspire success to build a foundation for life-long learning through achievement, character, and excellence.